Join Us Today by Volunteering!

Volunteers are at the core of our Program. Not only do they help us run our organization, but they bring into action our vision of a community united to ensure every child has an opportunity to participate in football and cheerleading.


One of the best ways to realize a return on your membership investment is to get involved with the Mascoutah Youth Football and Cheer Program.

The Mascoutah Youth Football and Cheer Program was named the 2011 Illinois Governor’s Hometown Award Winner; the #1 volunteer organization in the State of Illinois, because of a strong volunteer commitment by our members. We take great pride in this honor and we plan to uphold this legacy for many generations to come.

We hope to continue our legacy of volunteerism by adding more outstanding volunteers to our Board of Directors and we hope you will join us in that endeavor. There are many ways you can get involved and opportunities vary in your interest and in your time commitment. Take a look at what we have to offer in the attached "Operations Manual" and join us TODAY!

Not listed in the “Operations Manual” is the newly created “Tri-County Rep” position. The Tri-County Rep will be the spokesman for the organization in all matters dealing with our league. The “Rep” will attend monthly meetings and brief the Board of Directors of the happenings in Tri-County. The “Rep” will be responsible for voting on matters that are important to our organization and will lead a group of 5 members in ensuring our game field has a Tri-County Rep present at all times.

We are also in need of volunteer Cheer and Football coaches. Coaches must be at least 18 years of age and all Head Coaches are required to be at least 21 years of age. If you are interested in coaching, please contact Tim Petersen, Tim Middleton or Cassy Hoffman.

Currently vacant positions and areas of need:

- Volunteers for various committees

If you are interested in volunteering for a committee or a board position listed in the operations manual, please see our homepage for open positions and  email me at  or our secretary at     

The success of our Program is directly tied to the commitment of our volunteer network! Join Us Today!!!


CJ Miller
Little Indians President

Volunteer Policy

Volunteer Policy

The Mascoutah Little Indians Athletics is a Volunteer Run Organization, including but not limited to all past and present board members, coaches, team parents and friends of the Little Indians. Volunteers are essential to sustaining a strong quality youth football and cheer program.

Registration fees, fundraising, and community donations fund the Mascoutah Little Indians Athletics. The organization is staffed with volunteers and depend on parent involvement to make everything happen. Your volunteerism sets a great example for our players and cheerleaders. Please take a moment to review the following volunteer requirements. We hope that you enjoy your time volunteering for the Mascoutah Little Indians

In an effort to make volunteer work more equitable for the entire program, a $100 DEPOSIT per family will be required. Payment in the amount of $100 is due at the time of registration and will be deposited in the MLIA account until family volunteer requirements have been completed. The organization will write volunteers a check during equipment turn-in providing volunteer requirements of 5 credits (each volunteer session is 1 credit, concession stand counts as 2) have been completed and equipment has been returned. Refund of $100 will be issued.
Any family member who is at least 18 years of age can volunteer for any Little Indians event to satisfy the family volunteer requirement. NO volunteers or children of volunteers under the age of 18 are allowed in the concession stand, or announcer booth. NO volunteers under the age of 18 can work the Chain Gang for games above 6U. NO volunteers under the age of 18 can work the Chain Gang for any games.
Coaches, primary Team Parents, and Board of Directors are exempt from the family volunteer requirement, but must make the $100 deposit at the time of equipment issue.
The Little Indians require a $100 per family donation if your family chooses not to volunteer for any organization events leading up to the start of the season or during the season. This fee is payable at the time of registration personal check, cash and/or credit card, and is per family, not per child. Once you opt-out your family will not be required to volunteer for any events during the season.
Each team will have a set amount of volunteer shifts assigned based on the number of home games and the organization’s needs. These opportunities will be equally divided among the family members assigned to each team. Each family could be assigned one or more volunteer shifts based on the number of players and cheerleaders assigned. Some parents will simply be required to do more based on team size.  It is the parent’s responsibility to find a replacement or trade with another parent for a shift if they cannot make it. The volunteer replacement can be anyone at least 18 years old. If a family members fails to show up for an assigned shift that family risks forfeiting the $50 volunteer fee if no other volunteer opportunities exist.
  • Volunteers should check-in with the event organizer and sign the sign-in sheet before and after the game to get credit for their volunteer opportunity.
  • The first shift of each game day will include opening concessions stand.
  • All concession volunteers responsible for the first shift of the game day will report to the Concessions Manager 1 hour before the start of the first game.
  • The last shift of each game day will include closing tasks such as cleaning and putting away equipment. One hour for closing has been included within these shifts.
  • Only staff of the concession stand will operate the cash register and handle all cash, unless sales occur over by game fields (i.e. 50/50 ticket sales).
  • Volunteers in the concession stand will fill customer orders, restock as needed, make coffee and hot chocolate, and help prepare and serve food items.
  • Teams must clean up their immediate area (game field and bleachers) after each game. We need to keep our home field clean and set a good example for our visiting players.
  • You WILL NOT receive credit for video taping or taking pictures at games or practices.  You WILL NOT receive credit for helping a coach if they are unavailable for a game.


  • Coaches and Team Parents
  • Game Day Concessions 
  • Chain Gain
  • Score Board Operator
  • Bleacher clean up after each game.
  • Fundraising events 
  • Credit is NOT allowed for video taping the games, taking pictures or filling in for an appointed coach.


The Volunteer Chair will assign volunteer requirements to each team based on the number of home games and the number of eligible football players and cheerleaders. For each home game we are required to have 4 volunteers working in the concession stand,  3 chain gang members, and 1 score board operator. 
Opportunities will be loaded on where it will be a first come first serve basis.  The Volunteer Coordinator will make a Master List.  Team parents will track their teams parent volunteers and will hold them accountable once they sign up and are committed to that slot.  The Team Parents will be provided with a game schedule and the volunteer requirements for their teams in late August. The Team Parents will publicize this information along with the volunteer requirements to all eligible members of the team with a deadline for signing up for the volunteer shifts. If a family member does not sign-up for a shift by the scheduled deadline, the team parent will schedule the family for a shift and notify that family of their requirement. It is in the best interest of the family to sign-up for a shift that is more suitable to their schedule when the list is released.
Volunteers are required to check-in with the event coordinator, the Volunteer Coordinator chairperson or the Concessions Director will have a sign-in sheet or roster for the volunteer to sign. Volunteers will be responsible for signing their name on the list to verify participation as a volunteer.  Upon game completion, volunteers will return to the concession stand to sign their name.  The completion of the mandatory volunteer requirements is the sole responsibility of each family. 
Volunteer fees will NOT be refunded if the family member does not complete the required volunteer requirements by the end of the season and/or does not return equipment prior to December 31st of current year. Volunteer fees will be returned during equipment return provided volunteer requirements have been completed and equipment has been returned in a clean and acceptable manner or has paid for items not returned. In the event the member leaves the Program prior to October 1st without satisfying the volunteer requirement, he or she will only be entitled to a 50% refund of the volunteer fee if the member has been excused for medical reasons that are not a result of an injury suffered during practices or games. All volunteer fees will be refunded to a member who dis-enrolls prior to the start of practice and will be returned to the party who originally issued the Volunteer Deposit.
Volunteer requirements are not to be transferred or shared from one family to another without approval of the Volunteer Chair. All requests must be made in writing to the Volunteer Chair to be brought to the attention of the Executive Board. The Executive Board has the authority to modify volunteer work requirements in the case of a hardship. All hardship cases will be treated on a case-by-case basis and no two situations will be treated the same.


Volunteer for a Committee

One of the best ways to realize a return on your membership investment is to get involved by joining a committee. Opportunities vary in interest and in time commitment. Take a look at what we have to offer and join a committee today.

If you are interested in volunteering for a committee listed above or have any questions about volunteering please email the committee chair listed in the left column under Volunteer Questions.