Welcome to the Mascoutah Little Indians Cheer program. Our goal is to teach our cheerleaders team spirit, friendship and how to work together as a unit. We will work together to build spirit and self confidence both on and off the field. Our program is geared towards learning the basic cheerleading fundamentals of youth cheerleading to build a strong foundation for those that want to cheer for our middle school and high school program in the future. As coaches in this program, we are dedicated to making sure our cheerleaders enjoy this experience and learn to the best of their abilities.


Cheer practice will be held at the practice location of their assigned football team. For example, 6U cheer squad will practice at the same location as 6U football. The ONLY exception is the beginning of the season when the first week of practice will be held as a whole group. All cheerleaders must have parental supervision at practices unless an arrangement has been made with your child’s coach prior to practice and a working contact number is left with the coach. Cheerleaders must be picked up at the same location where they reported; they will not be allowed to leave the field without you. Cheerleaders should be ready and on the field 5 minutes prior to the start of practice. Allow time for parking. Warm-ups start promptly at practice time. Ensure your cheerleader uses the bathroom before practice!! This is extremely important for our younger girls. Additional practices/Alternate days – Rarely, practices may change date, time or location due to school conflict, prediction of poor weather or other factors determined by your coaching staff. The cheer director or your coach will relay that information to you. All league changes will be sent via email, text or posted on the website.
Please wear sneakers for every practice. This is for the safety of our cheerleaders. They will also need a water bottle, especially during the warmer practices. Girls hair should be worn up in a ponytail at all games and practices, unless they have short hair.  Jewelry should be removed as they cause a safety hazard. 


What is provided with my uniform? 
Cheerleaders will receive a cheerleading uniform (shell and skirt), and a warm up suit. The uniform (shell & skirt), and warm up suit (jacket and pants) must be returned at the end of the season in good condition by the deadline in order to not incur fees. Uniform shell and skirt must be washed in cold water on the delicate cycle and laid out to dry. DO NOT MACHINE DRY. Avoid drinking any drinks that will stain the shell or skirt such as purple, red or blue drinks.  If uniforms are not returned in the condition they were issued, parents will have to pay a replacement fee.

 Items that are needed: 

  • White sneakers
  • Long sleeve white shirt for the colder months
  • Purple spanx shorts to wear under skirt
  • White socks
  • Purple, black or white bow

All of the above are available for purchase thru the organization with the exception of the sneakers.  Parent Packs are completely optional and can be purchased at the time your cheerleader is fitted for their uniform.


PARENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE FIELD AT ANY TIME; THIS INCLUDES BEING IN THE END ZONE AT HALF TIME. If you would like to be on the field, please consider joining our coaching staff! Game schedules will be decided by the Tri-County Football League, the week before games start. (Historically the last week of August) See www.tricountyfootball.net for details and field locations. Your child is STRONGLY encouraged to attend all games, home and away. We ask that you emphasize to your cheerleader that anytime that they wear their uniform; they are representing The Mascoutah Little Indians and should conduct themselves accordingly.


Cheer squads will be divided as soon as possible after football teams are divided in August. All efforts will be made to honor peer, team and coach requests, but requests are not guaranteed. Once teams are assigned there will be no switching or moving of teams. All changes must be requested and approved by the Cheerleading Director. Poms will be given to coaches at the beginning of the season once teams are established. These poms will stay with them at all times and the cheerleaders will use them at practice and at games.

Complaints/Resolution of Issues

Concerns should first go through your head coach. If the problem remains unresolved, the head coach and Cheer Director will attempt to reach a resolution. Any issue that continues to remain unresolved will be brought to the Board of Directors.