About Us

The specific purpose of Mascoutah Little Indians Athletics is to promote youth sports in the area; to inspire children to practice good health, citizenship, and character; to bring area children together through the means of a common interest in sportsmanship, fair play, and fellowship; to impart sports elements of safety, sanity, intelligent supervision, and to keep the welfare of the children first and entirely free of adult lust and glory. To achieve this purpose, we will:

§  Familiarize all youth regardless of race, creed of national origin with the fundamentals of our different youth sports; to provide an equal opportunity to participate in youth sports in a supervised, organized and safety-oriented manner; to keep the welfare of the participants free of any adult ambition and personal glory; to emphasize fun, teamwork, charity, and sportsmanship; to promote a feeling of pride, fellowship, and common loyalty in the City of Mascoutah.

§  Cooperate with the City of Mascoutah and surrounding area through participation in the Southwestern Illinois Youth Football League and Illinois Youth Soccer, and other youth athletic organizations dedicated to the fundamentals of youth sports.

§  We are incorporated in the State of Illinois as a non-profit, and we are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax exempt “501(c)(3)” organization.